Lesson 2
Teaching Is The Work

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Teaching Is Where The Money Is Earned
Lesson 2 

The goal of the first lesson was to give you a brief description and history of The Income For Life Affiliate Membership Program. In this lesson the goal is to start teaching you how the program works.

Everything involved with earning money involves math. The good thing about The Income For Life Program is we all have already learned the math we need to know to understand The Income For Life Program. All the math involved is taught to us in the public school system by the 8th grade. So if you have a 8th grade education you should have no problem understanding this lesson.

The right way to do this type of work is to teach people about The Income For Life Program before you ask them to think about joining the membership program. Before you can teach people about the membership program you need to make sure you completely understand how it works. We never want people to join the affiliate membership program until they have a complete understanding of how profit and revenue sharing works and how it will become a life time residual income.

Selling a lot of memberships is what most people think will make them the most money. That is the wrong way to think because the business system is designed a different way. This type of profit and revenue sharing is designed to also be a work load sharing business system. This may sound confusing at first but it is actually simple to understand after you have the right training.

Sharing The Work Load

In this type of business system the people who want to earn a share of the profits and revenue also share in the work involved to increase the profits and revenue of the company.

All businesses need two things to stay in business, they have to have happy loyal customers and happy loyal workers. This business system is designed in a way that the happy loyal customers share is the work load to earn a share of the profits and revenues.

The best way to understand this is to think of it as the owner of of the company.The owners of Global Domains International want to find thousands of new customers to buy a membership into their website packages that includes The Income For Life Program.

So they designed their company is a way that gives all new customers the ability to earn a share of the profits and revenue.

 This is called affiliate marketing because each customer has the right to bring in new customers to the company.

 Most people have never heard of profit and revenue sharing so you have to teach people how it works so they will know how to earn their share of the profits and revenues.

 This gives the customers the ability to build a business that teaches people how to earn a profit based income.

 The Income For Life Program is designed to be simple, you don't need any special skills or knowledge to learn how it works or to create training materials to teach people how it works.

 One of the first steps to teaching people how profit and revenue sharing works is to teach them what the words mean.

We Start By Teaching This Part Of The Simple Math Formula

The word revenue is simple to understand, if a product or service cost 10 dollars a month, the revenue generated by the purchase of that product or service is 10 dollars a month.

 To understand the word profit you must first understand operating cost, all businesses have bills they have to pay each month so they have operating cost. To figure out how much the monthly profit is you have to minus the operating cost from the monthly revenue.

 If the monthly operating cost is 5 dollars a month and the monthly revenue is 10 dollars a month then the profit is 5 dollars a month.

 In this affiliate program the business has 5 dollars a month of profit to pay out in the form of profit and revenue sharing.

 In lesson 1 I wrote that there is two packages, the basic membership package and the premium membership package. This is the math formula of the basic membership package. The basic membership package cost 10 dollars a month with 5 dollars of that being paid out the next month in the form of profit and revenue sharing pay to the teachers that have earned their share.

 The work involved in earning a share of the profits and revenue is teaching people how the program works. So the next two questions that need to be answered is, how long does it take to train each person and how many people do we need to train?

How Long Does It Take To Train Each Person?

The amount of time it will take to train each new person is one of the most important things people need to know right up front.

 If a person has at least an 8th grade education they should be able to learn everything they need to learn in 3 to 4 hours. The Income For Life Program is that easy to learn with the right training.

How Many People Would Each New Person Need To Train?

This is another one of those things people need to be taught right up front.

 The number of people each person needs to train is totally up to each person. It would depend on how much money they want to earn in life time residual income for the rest of their life.

 The way the business system is designed is so each person only needs to find and train a few new people. This is because it is based on a shared work load. The people who want to share in the profits and revenue only need to do their share of the work.

Illustrating The Math In A Training Document

One of the best ways to illustrate how The Income For Life Program is designed to work is to use an illustration of how it works.

 Every part of The Income For Life Program is based on math because our time and money is based on math.

 Here is an illustration of the math in the basic membership package.

 We Call This The 5x5x5 Training

 This training is designed to help people understand the basic membership package which cost 10 dollars a month to own and operate.

 Training people is the work, in this illustration we will show you how the basic membership package works if each new member sets out to find and train 5 new people to become a worker is the internet business system.

 We will use the time of 5 hours as the time it takes to train each new person. If a person trains 5 people the total time involved will be 25 hours. This is important for people to understand right up front so they can understand how sharing the work load makes earning a life time residual income possible.

 Most people have very busy lives and don't have a lot of time to devote to working a business. The owners of Global Domains International know this so they used a business model where each person only has to do a small amount of work.

 From here we will illustrate how the 5 dollars of profit and revenue is divided up and shared with the members who have signed up with the basic membership package.

 The profit and revenue sharing business model divides the 5 dollars of profit up evenly into 5 levels. This is what is called a multi-level payout compensation plan. This means 1 dollar is paid out on each level of the compensation plan. Level 1 represents the work that each person does. Level 1 represents the 25 hours of time that each will do in this illustration.

 Sharing The Work And The Profits

 When you look at the compensation plan the way the company shows it you will see it like this.

      Level 1  -  1 dollar

      Level 2  -  1 dollar

      Level 3  -  1 dollar

      Level 4  -  1 dollar

      Level 5  -  1 dollar

 What this is showing you is that the compensation plan pays out on 5 levels with each paying 1 dollar of each level. If you haven't had any training you have no way to understand what you are looking at. A compensation plan like this has to be taught to people is a way that they can understand how it really works.

 Level 1 represents the work each person does, so when a new person joins the membership program we need to teach them how to do the work that needs to be done to earn the profits of all five levels.

 In this next diagram you will see how the compensation plan pays out if each new person only does the 25 hours of work of training 5 new people. Starting by looking at where it says level 1, that represents the 25 hours of work each new person does.

 When you look at the diagram level 2 represents the work of the 5 people you have trained. This type of business system is designed around the process of training. Level 3 represents the people that the people on level 2 trains, level 4 represents the people that the people on level 3 trains and this process of training continues like that to level 5.

The compensation plan is designed for people who want to earn a share of the profits and revenue by helping the company grow.

This diagram is illustrating how the compensation plan will pay out with each person only training 5 new people to work the internet business system we call The Income For Life Program.

When you look at the bottom of the diagram it says you can make 3905 dollars a month for just taking the time to train 5 new people.

This money will be paid to you for the rest of your life so it could be your retirement income if that is what you want.

After reading this training lesson you should be able to see why working for Michael Starr and Alan Ezeirs company Global Domains International can be very rewarding financially.

Look at the time chart below, this program is very easy to learn and teach. 

This lesson only teaches about the basic membership package, we have a premium package for people who want to earn a very large profit based income.

The premium membership package is for people who want to build real wealth and have a desire to become rich like Robert Kiyosaki.

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